Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles about Rover and the events surrounding the company, during the period the P5 and P5B were in production. See how the newspapers reported Rover, B.M.C. and Leyland.

These articles are provided to add to the understanding of these cars. Copyright for the articles is obviously held by the respective parties. Given the passage of time since these were written and the fact they are approaching the end of copyright, under fair-use terms I hope nobody objects. If you do, please let me know.


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Rover P5 Launches: 22nd September 1958

Rover P5B Production Ends: 22nd June 1973

Total Rover P5 Production: 48,248

Total Rover P5B Production: 20.600

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