Rover Brochure

Rover, 1959

1960 model year. 8 pages, landscape, full colour, folded.

Rover brochure for the 1960 model year, believed to be produced around October 1959. Most manufacturers used illustrations in their brochures at this time – whether that was due to tradition, cost or stylistic reasons isn’t clear. That it allowed a more ‘flattering’ portrayal of the product was, I’m sure, coincidental (!), but the illustrations often made the cars look sleeker, longer and with a larger interior than reality.

The illustrations Rover produced were very high quality and resulted in some beautiful brochures. I particularly like the fact that Rover leave plenty of white space around text and illustrations, creating a very clean, classy and restrained style. Rover were still seen as a deeply traditional company at this point, even though the Land Rover and gas turbine research was changing that perception slowly. The P5 was the next part in the modernisation of Rovers image.

Pages 4 and 5 fold-out into a single image – the combined pages look like this: