1960 – Year Preview

1960: U2 Spy Plane

The cold war intensifies as USSR and the west become increasingly distrustful of each other, and a Russian missile shoots down an American U2 spy plane. John F Kennedy becomes US President. OPEC is formed by Iraq, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. France tests its first atomic bomb and the US sends its first troops to Vietnam. The sexual revolution begins with the introduction of the birth control pill, and Hugh Hefner opens his first Playboy club in Chicago. Notable films released this year include “The Magnificent Seven” and “Psycho”. In Britain, the MOT Test is introduced, and the first vertical take off Jet is trialled.

British Prime Minister: Harold Macmillan

UK Annual Inflation Rate (RPI): 1.0%

UK Average House Price (UK average): £2,328 / £54,708 adjusted for inflation (2020)

UK Litre of Petrol: 5.1 New Pence / £1.20 adjusted for inflation (2020)

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