Rover 3-Litre Brochure 1959

Rover Brochure

Rover 3-Litre, 1959

Rover 3-Litre Brochure 1959. 1960 model year. 8 pages, larger than A4, portrait, full colour, folded.

A lightweight brochure for the Rover 3-Litre, featuring some very high-quality illustrations in pencil or charcoal, as well as paint. This brochure is folded, not stapled, which allows a 4-page spread on Pages 3 – 6. Saloon only at this time (the Coupe was not yet launched), and the illustrations show a very early model without the front quarter-lights, but with wind-deflectors instead.

Here is the full 4-page fold out image on pages 3 – 6:

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