Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Library

On these pages you’ll find scans of period brochures and magazine articles beautifully ordered on a timeline, as well as scans of the best Rover photography and illustrations from Rover’s brochures of the period. There are also Newspaper articles that relate to Rover from the period, scans of period advertisements, photographs I’ve taken of my car, and videos related to the Rover P5, P5B and Britain in the 1950’s and 1960’s. If you know of anything that’s missing, please get in touch.

Table of Rover P5 and Rover P5B Period Magazine Articles

Below you’ll find a table that lists every Rover P5 and P5B magazine article published during the production lifetime of the cars. I don’t track articles after 1973, as I want this site to concentrate on the period when the cars were in production.

I own many of these magazines and will scan the articles and add them to the timeline as time allows. If you find any errors or omissions, or wish to submit scans or donate / sell something you think others might find interesting, please get in touch.

TitleYearMonthModel TestedArticlePagesAvailable?
Autosport195826 SeptemberUKMk IThe New Rover 3 LitreNot yet.
The Motor1958UKNot yet.
The Autocar1958UKNot yet.
Wheels1959MayUKMk IIt's here...the BIG RoverNot yet.
Autosport195917 JulyUKMk IThe Finest Rover Of AllNot yet.
The Autocar195921 AugustUKMk IThe Autocar Road Test 1737- Rover 3-LitreNot yet.
Car - South Africa1959SeptemberSouth AfricaThe Rover 3-litre SaloonNot yet.
Modern Motor1959SeptemberMk IThe Heavenly Bath-ChairNot yet.
Road and Track1959DecemberUSAMk IRoad Test Rover 3-LiterNot yet.
Car Life1960MarchUSAMk IThe 3 Litre RoverNot yet.
Motor196020 AprilUKGerman JourneyNot yet.
Sports Cars Illustrated1960MayUSAMk ISCI Road Test: Rover 3 LiterNot yet.
The Motor19606 JulyUKMk INot yet.
Autosport196016 SeptemberUKMk IThe Rover 3 LitreNot yet.
Motor196028 SeptemberUKMk IRover RefinementsNot yet.
Motor Sport1961AprilUKMk IThe 3-Litre RoverNot yet.
Track & Traffic1961NovemberUKMK ICT&T Road Test - Rover 3-LitreNot yet.
The Motor196122 NovemberUKMk IAThe Motor Road Test No. 41/61 - The 3-litre Rover (with overdrive)Not yet.
The Autocar19611 DecemberUKMk IARover 3 Litre AutomaticNot yet.
Modern Motor1962MarchBrain Beats BrainboxNot yet.
Cars Illustrated1962AprilUKMk IARover 3 litre Mark IANot yet.
Autosport196227 AprilUKMk IAA Rover On The ContinentNot yet.
Motor Trend1962JuneUSAMk IARover 3 LitreNot yet.
Road & Track1962JuneUSARover 3 Liter Road TestNot yet.
Autocar196228 SeptemberUKMk II Saloon / CoupeMore Power for RoversNot yet.
The Motor19623 OctoberUKMk II SaloonNew RoversNot yet.
The Motor19623 OctoberUKMk II SaloonRover 3-litre SaloonNot yet.
Country Life19621 NovemberUKMk II SaloonNot yet.
Wheels1962DecemberUKFor Rover Buyers - A High Performance CoupeNot yet.
Wheels1963JanuaryUKMk II SaloonRover 3-litre - that viking tenacityNot yet.
Car and Driver1963FebruaryUSAMk II SaloonNot yet.
Autocar196315 FebruaryUKRover With BiteNot yet.
Autocar19635 JulyUKMk II CoupeRover 3-litre CoupeNot yet.
Car and Driver1963OctoberUKRover 3 litreNot yet.
Road and Track1963OctoberUSAMk II CoupeRover Coupe Road TestNot yet.
Autocar196415 MayUKPanelcraft Rover 3 litreNot yet.
Autocar196413 NovemberUKMk II SaloonRover 3-litre AutomaticNot yet.
Motor196524 JulyUKRover 3 litre - Buying SecondhandNot yet.
Autocar19664 FebruaryUK1962 Rover 3 litre Used Car On TestNot yet.
Motor196619 MarchUKMk III SaloonArmchair LuxuryNot yet.
Autocar19666 MayUKMk III CoupeRover 3-Litre Coupe Mk IIINot yet.
Motor Sport1966OctoberUKMk III CoupeFor Older MenNot yet.
Autocar196728 SeptemberUKV8V For The Rover4-6Yes, see below.
Autocar196728 SeptemberUKV8Rover 3.5 Litre Road Test17-21Yes, see below.
Autosport196729 SeptemberUKV8The New Rover 3.5 V8542, 543Yes, see below.
Motor19677 OctoberUKV8Rover Go VNot yet.
Motor19677 OctoberUKV8Power With Pomp59-64Not yet.
Motor Sport1967NovemberUKV8A Week Of Luxury1018, 1019Not yet.
Modern Motor1967NovemberAustraliaV8Rover Goes V8Not yet.
Car1968JanuaryUKV8Rover V Daimler44-50Not yet.
Motor196819 OctoberUKV8Group TestNot yet.
Motor196826 OctoberUKV8Personal ChoiceNot yet.
Autocar197011 JuneUKV81967 Rover 3.5 Litre Used Car Test67, 68Not yet.
Auto Car197223 MarchUKV81970 Rover 31/2 Litre Coupe Used Car26, 27Not yet.
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