The classic Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre), launched in 1958 and manufactured until 1973 by the Rover Company of Solihull, England, has been variously described as “the zenith of British car making”, “one of Britain’s fine cars” and “a gentle giant”. The P5B, with it’s iconic Buick-originated and Rover re-designed V8 engine that was manufactured until 2003, has also been described as “a Skinhead in a Bowler Hat” and a “hairy-chested lothario” (!).

Owned by the Queen, used by British Prime Ministers, senior Military personnel, embassies and leading business people, the Rover P5 and P5B were wonderfully capable cars that provided solid, discreet, elegant and comfortable service. Produced in both 4-door Saloon and Coupe body styles by Rovers David Bache (who also styled the Rover P6, Range Rover and SD1), the Rover P5 and P5B are widely admired.

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