The Times, 8 February 1968 : B.M.C. Tops Car Output League

B.M.C. Tops Car Output League

During the first nine months of 1967, British Motor Corporation produced 35½ per cent of all cars manufactured in Britain. This is shown by figures issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders yesterday.

Out of a total production of 1,149,503 cars, BMC, excluding Jaguar, produced 407,840, Ford 324,978 (28 per cent), Vauxhall 143,678 (13.25 per cent) and Rootes 132,550 (12 per cent).

All the interests in the proposed British Leyland Motor Holdings accounted for 46 per cent of production. Unofficial estimates for the division of output throughout the whole of 1967, when 1,552,013 cars were produced, suggest that each company’s share of output did not differ much from the first nine months.

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