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Selected Rover P5 and Rover P5B-related items...

Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Shop.  A few hand-selected items for owners or anyone interested in the Rover P5 or P5B. Each item is clearly labelled and honestly reviewed, so you can make an informed decision on whether to buy.

Why buy from here? When you buy through these links the site receives a small percentage of the purchase price. This doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it helps keep this site alive. Running a website incurs hosting and software fees, and whilst this is a hobby not a business, your support really does help keep the site going. Thanks.

Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Workshop Manual Saloon and Coupe

Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Workshop Manual Saloon & Coupe (P5): Workshop Manual


This is an essential book for anyone who owns a Rover P5 or P5B. The manual provides an in-depth guide to working on both the Rover P5 and P5B, from changing a bulb to rebuilding the engine. [read more]

Rover P5 and P5B: The Complete Story

Rover P5 & P5B (Crowood Autoclassics)


Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Shop. If you only buy one book about the Rover P5 and P5B, buy this. The definitive history of the development and lifecycle of each model, with incredible detail on the often minor changes through each models life, including in overseas markets. Rare photos are used throughout. Overall this book is well worth adding to your collection.

The Strange Death of the British Motor Cycle Industry

The Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry


This book provides a gripping description and analysis of the mis-steps and misfortune of the British motorcycle industry, from the 1920’s through to the effective death of the industry in the 1970’s. [read more]


Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Parts Catalogue Saloon and Coupe

Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Parts Catalogue Saloon and Coupe


You may have read our review of the Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Workshop Manual Saloon and Coupe. The Parts Catalogue reviewed here is the perfect complement to that, fixing a number of issues along the way. Whilst not as vital as a good Workshop Manual, I have been really surprised just how useful this Parts Catalogue has been. [read more]

Where Else to Buy Rover P5 and P5B Items

There are a few sources of Rover P5 and P5B items. The main parts supplier is J R Wadhams, who manufacture and supply a vast range of new parts for these cars, and are thoroughly recommended. As the main source of remanufactured items for these cars, they deserve the support of owners and enthusiasts if we’re to keep these cars on the road in the future.

Other than that:

  • David Green provides a very useful source of mainly second-hand spares.
  • eBay lists a great selection of parts, both old and new old stock (NOS), and is an invaluable source if you own a P5 or P5B, but can be difficult to sort through and find key items.
  • Amazon has a few items, but mainly books and tools. Both Amazon and eBay also have a large amount of P5-related tat, from clocks to mouse mats.
  • Lastly, the P5 Owners Club sell a few items, but sadly they aren’t currently available on the club website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. Thanks.

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