Rover P5B Coupe In The Nude [Part 2b]: The Interior

Rover P5B Coupe In The Nude [Part 2b]: The Interior

Continuing the strip-down of a Rover P5B Coupe by Cyrille, lets resume our journey into what the interior or the Rover P5/P5B looks like in various states of undress.

With the headlining removed, this is what’s above your head:

The sound deadening – the same as is under the carpets. it’s very effective, but quite heavy and holds water when it gets damp:

This is the headlining removed from the car. The vinyl is mounted on a removable frame:

A little tip that Cyf discovered: to access the rear fixing screw of the roof lining, you must first remove the rear coat hooks:

Removing the steering wheel, starting with the horn ring. There are three grub-screws around the steering wheel hub that hold the horn ring in place:

Here’s a view with the horn ring removed, the horn contact is at the end of the steering column:

With the circlip removed, the horn contact can be removed:

Behind the instrument panel switches. The blue-insulated crimp connectors on the bottom ignition switch are non-standard – Rover used proper connectors with separate insulating boots, as shown on the top and middle switch. Switches are Lucas toggle switches, 5 of which are mounted next to the instruments either side of the binnacle:

The switch mounting plates with switches removed:

Removing these trim rings (by simply bending the tabs) frees the switch mountings from the instrument binnacle:

The wiring loom removed from the car. These are quite complicated cars for their age:

Here’s most of the interior trim removed from the car and laid out:

More to come in the next instalment. Cyrille will be dismantling the doors next.

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