Like Rallying? Got £45K? Rover P5B Coupe Classic Endurance Rally Car (Part II)

You may recall this post from a few years ago, which links to a long-deleted advert on eBay for a Rover P5B rally car. Well, I just noticed that the same car is for sale again, but now it’s £10K cheaper.

Click here to see the full advert with more photos and the cars history – it seems RPS (Rally Preparation Services) prepared the car, it was rallied, but now the owners are selling it. Buying this would make quite a statement, and is in-keeping with the P5 history, as the factory actually rallied the cars in the early 1960’s. Unlikely, but true.

I’ve reproduced a few of the advert photos here, so that this post stays useful after the advert disappears. Hopefully RPS don’t mind.

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