Into the Valley-Rover P5B Intake Manifold. The time has come, whilst the roads are covered in salt, to fix a few mechanical issues that need fixing. Main ones are:

  1. Faulty temperature transmitter / sender. This is well and truly stuck – I’ve tried lots of different ways to remove it, but nothing has worked. Unfortunately it screws into the inlet manifold, so the only thing now is remove the manifold and get it sorted.
  2. Various weeping hoses. I’ve tried tightening the hose clips, but it looks like the previous owner has used generic hoses, especially for the heater, and they just don’t fit well – some of them taper slightly, so they generic ones don’t work very well. A few heater hoses look old as well, so need replacing.
  3. Fix the stuck heater valve which switches-off the rear heater. It’s a plunger-type tap on the side of the front heater box, and is seized with the rear heater turned off.
  4. Fix the leaking gearbox cooler pipes.
  5. Fix the hrs carb which is leaking fuel very slighty.
  6. Fit the correct choke cable and the correct choke knob, so I can get rid of the generic / BL item that’s fitted.

So I set-to removing the air filter, all the hoses, the carburettors, and finally the intake manifold. Currently the car is sitting with all hoses, carbs and manifold removed.

2015-01-09 13-33-32

I need to place an order on JR Wadhams for a hose set (might as well replace them all), manifold gasket and various other items. Plan is to remove the temp sender, repaint the manifold the correct grey colour (Massey Ferguson Stoneleigh Grey is a near match apparently), repair the carb, then re-assemble with all new new hoses, choke cable, temp sender and gearbox cooler pipes, and hopefully a freed heater valve. The hoses to the rear heater look newish, so I’ll probably leave them.

The rear heater is in position under the rear seat, but the electrical connections aren’t connected. I’ll try connecting it and see what happens – might need a reconditioned motor possibly, and I have no idea what the matrix is like. Need to remember to flush that and the front one out before refitting the hoses.

Unfortunately work and house DIY is slowing progress, but need to get a move on so I can get the MOT sorted.

Here’s the new (correct) choke cable on the right, and the old on the left.

2014-12-13 13-20-53


Temporary dining-room workshop whilst I rig-up the new choke cable and make sure the length is OK. Being twin carb, the cable goes into the brown connector and two cables emerge, one for each carb.

2014-12-22 20-56-58






I’m also going to take the rocker covers off and respray these, removing the paint on the raised sections, as they were originally finished:

2015-01-09 13-00-06