Driven To Write: Parliamentary Privilege

Today, Driven To Write has featured the Rover P5 and P5B. The article is to their normal high standard, avoiding many of the tired cliches that other motoring journalists fall-back on.

There isn’t a great deal of new information contained within, but it is a well written piece (certainly above my literary capabilities). To quote an example: “The P5 would be the last of its line, not only in evolutionary terms but also in what it came to represent. Emblematic of traditional nostrums of position and authority; these, like the Rover itself fell victim to sweeping societal change where such matters became (for a brief time at least) somewhat democratised.”

It’s pleasing to see the P5 and P5B getting an all-too-rare mention, The comments are often worth reading – it seems many of the regulars on the site work within the car industry and have some interesting perspectives.

Here’s the link to the article.

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