Renovating a Rover P5B Centre Console. A major part of renovating the interior has been sorting out the centre console. This was in quite a bad state, dirty with worn carpet covering.

So I set about stripping down the centre console so that I could everything properly. You can see the stripped down in the photos below. It’s an incredibly complicated and heavy piece of the interior trim and none of it is plastic. It’s all either riveted or screwed together, with each individual part covered in either vinyl, leather, or carpet. It’s also damn heavy (isn’t everything on these cars?) with a metal frame and switch panel.

The row of original switches were quite worn – as standard there are switched for the front fog lamps and the heated rear window. I plan to add a rear fog lamp at some point in the future, and also add hazard warning lamps, so as there’s space in the switch panel I added two more switches, keeping the whole thing symmetrical. I also bought new switches.

The cigarette lighter is in the middle, and that just needed cleaning and a new bulb fitting. The ash tray also just need cleaning.

The gear lever cover is broken and doesn’t fit properly, but that’s easily to replace and is one job for the future when I find a good second hand item.

Here are photos of the strip-down. I’ll add photos of the finished console at a later date.

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