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A hand-picked selection of our favourite websites, not necessarily all Rover-related...

Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Best of the Web. A selection of websites that we return to regularly and recommend you check out. Click here for our recommended suppliers of parts and services. If you have any ideas for other sites to include here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to add the best ones.

Enthusiast Websites

Federal Rovers : A website dedicated to Rover cars in the US. Predominantly focused on the P6, but some P5 information as well.

Rover P4 & P5 Australia : A compendium for the Australian Market Rover P4, P5 & P5B cars.

This is part of a group of websites which aim to document the history of Rover in Australia and New Zealand. There is a very enthusiastic and active following for Rover in Australia, partly a consequence of the quite large number of British cars exported to these markets, and also the active development of home-grown cars and variants tailored to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Message Boards / Forums : The Forum of the Rover P5 Club.

This free-to-use forum is invaluable in getting help with issues with your Rover P5. Some of the moderators and members have re-built every nut-and-bolt of their cars, and they are happy to help others with answers and advice etc. Try the forum search first though – many questions have been asked previously and you can find answers immediately.

Although the forum is affiliated to the Rover P5 Club, you don’t need to be a club member to access or participate..

Other Websites

AR Online : The complete British motor history website: from Austin to Wolseley

A vast site that mainly covers the British motor industry since the 1950’s with information and articles on the companies and cars, including the Rover P5. Its very easy to lose quite a few hours browsing this site.

Driven To Write : Still The World’s Least Influential Motoring Site

“Driven To Write was founded by three like-minded writers frustrated with the polarised motoring journalism on offer. Our aim has been to publish the kind of diverse and original content no-one else appears interested in producing. Off-message, idiosyncratic, quixotic or sometimes just daft, while we sometimes tip our hat to the daily spin of the news cycle, as soon as the tub stops rotating we march unapologetically on to a different drumbeat – even if it’s one that only we can hear …”

Citroen SM : Supporting the classic 1970s Citroën SM, a marriage of Citroën and Maserati

This is a wonderful site, with excellent design that’s very in-keeping with the image of the Citroen SM.

“We exist to assist owners of the car with information on how to keep their vehicles in top condition.  We encourage owners to use these wonderful cars and help them in any way we can by providing practical help such as sourcing essential parts or providing the name of a recognised SM mechanic or servicing agent. This site is owned and operated by Citroen SM Owners UK Ltd.”

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