1965 – Year Preview

1965: Temporary (!) National Speed Limit

The war in Vietnam continues to worsen: whatever the U.S. does fails to halt the rise in deaths of American servicemen, and at the same time the anti-war movement grows. On November 13th 1965, 35,000 people march on Washington as a protest against the war.

The latest craze in children’s toys is the Super Ball and the Skate Board. Fashions change; women’s skirts get shorter as the the miniskirt makes its appearance, and men’s hairstyles become longer. Following the UK Continental Shelf Act, BP’s Sea Gem rig finds gas in the North Sea, although the first major oil find won’t occur until 1970 with the discovery of the Forties oil field. Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs escapes from Wandsworth Prison and flees to Brazil, cigarette advertising is banned on television, the Post Office Tower opens in London, and the 70 mph speed limit is temporarily (!) imposed on British motorways.

British Prime Minister: Harold Wilson

UK Annual Inflation Rate (RPI): 4.8%

UK Average House Price (UK average): £3,418 / £70,069 adjusted for inflation (2020)

UK Litre of Petrol: 5.7 New Pence / £1.17 adjusted for inflation (2020)

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