1-model US drive by BMC

By GEOFFREY CHARLES, Motoring Correspondent

A concerted, one-model assault is to be launched on the United States car market today by the British Motor Corporation, with what they hope will prove an effective reply to the successful penetration achieved by Volkswagen and the Japanese manufacturers.

B.M.C. has produced a special two-door automatic saloon-basically its front-wheel-drive 1300-designed specifically for the United States market.

Labelled the Austin America, it complies with all the existing Federal and state regulations on safety and exhaust emission controls, and has been developed as a result of extensive market research to meet American buyers’ demands for a medium-priced two-door saloon as a second or third family car.

At $1,825 it is competitively priced (the secret of any success in a market where the big three American companies produce 9m.-I0m. cars a year) and compares with $1,699 for the Volkswagen, of which 400,000 units were sold in America last year.


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