TV – Wheeler Dealers Rover P5

TV – Wheeler Dealers Rover P5

You may have seen this program a few days ago, but if not I recommend trying to see one of the repeats – the Rover P5 and P5B doesn’t get much coverage on TV.

If you’re not familiar with Wheeler Dealers, the basic idea is that the two presenters, Mike Brewer and Ed China, buy a used car and restore it then sell it, hopefully for a small profit. Mike does the buying and sourcing parts, Ed does the restoration. It’s interesting, entertaining and informative – more entertainment than education.

This episode sees the team buy a Rover P5B Coupe to renovate, and it’s clear that the cost of parts will be an issue, but fortunately the car they buy is in pretty good condition, and the purchase price seems very low. The episode features some great images of the P5B in action.

The show runs on Discovery Channel, and the next showing of this episode is Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 8pm (UK).

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