Stripping The Rover P5 and P5B Interior. My wife had conveniently gone away for two weeks, so I made the most of the opportunity and stripped the inside of the car – seats out, carpet out. I started in the rear of the car – on my car the seat bases lift out, and the seat back hooks onto a frame, although I believe that is non-standard (they should be screwed to the frame).

This photo shows behind the back seat – the bit on the floor is the rear seat heater matrix and fan unit (made by Smiths) that is supplied by two water pipes that run from the engine):

2014-06-14 12-39-312014-04-12 09-05-55 2014-04-12 09-05-40

Here’s the petrol tank that sits in the boot behind bulkhead behind the rear seat:

2014-04-12 09-06-36 2014-04-12 09-07-10


This is the floor with the front passenger seat removed. All remarkably solid, thankfully, The brown flaky stuff is not rust but actually foam from the front seats, which are gracefully disintegrating:

2014-08-25 17-26-38


And this is the worn, smelly carpet – the smell is quite fruity. The flaky bit son top are seat foam – the seats are slowly losing their filling:

2014-04-12 09-44-58


The centre console was removed and stripped and re-covered with new carpet and vinyl to match the original as far as possible, and the non-standard switches replaced with original-style ‘organ-stop’ pull switches. Here’s a general shot of the inside back in April…more to follow.


2014-04-12 17-47-35