Rover P5B Coupe In The Nude [Part 3]: The Doors

Rover P5B Coupe In The Nude [Part 3]: The Doors

Continuing our series showing how Cyrille, a Rover enthusiast and all-round top chap, dismantled a Rover P5B Coupe. This is Part 3 and we’re on to dismantling the doors. Here’s the front right-hand-side door being stripped:

To remove the door trims, its first necessary to remove the handles etc. On a P5 these are held by a partly-hidden spring clip that needs to be ‘hooked’ out to pull the levers off – the door handle and window winder are the same:

The arm rests are removed by first removing two pins from the bottom of the rest – these just push in:

The arm rest cover can then be removed:

…revealing the arm rest height-adjuster mechanism, which screws to the door through the door panel:

The door panel and door pocket come off together – they are held by spring clips so just need to be pulled away from the door itself:

The door lock assembly being removed:

In this photo you can see a line of rust about ⅔ the way down the inside of the door. This is quite common, and is due to various internal braces and brackets welded inside the door, with insufficient drainage:

As this is a Coupe, the door lock is separate from the handle. In the photo below, the lock is below the handle, linked by a flat steel rod:

The flat steel bar can be removed once the clip is taken-off:

Once the slide plate is slid-out, the door lock can be removed:

The door handle removed from the car:

On to the rear door:

Removing the P5B Coupe Front Door Window Frames

Now let’s remove the window frames (Coupe only – the Saloon does not have removable frames). Note that the pictures are not always the same side of the car.

The Coupe window frame. You can see where it’s bolted to the door:

The nut under the quarter light:

The screws on the front of the door:

The screws at the rear of the door, hidden behind the plate (maybe you missed these?):

Two bolts at the rear of the door on the side:

More nuts at the rear and front, inside the door:

Inside view:

Removing the P5B Coupe Rear Door Frames

The bolt at the front of the rear door:

Nuts under the quarter light:

And a nut at the front:

Fixings at the bottom rear:

And the front:

That concludes the doors. Next up will be the front bodywork. Subscribe by email to make sure you don’t miss out!

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