Rover 3½ Litre Brochure 1968

Rover Brochure

Rover 3½ Litre Brochure, August 1968

1969 model year. 18 pages, larger than A4, landscape, full colour, stapled.

Rover 3½ Litre Brochure 1968. A beautiful brochure for the P5B that features some wonderful photos, many of which were used in subsequent years right through to 1973.

Note that the car has changed from being called the 3.5 Litre to the 3½ Litre, all part of a confusing muddle with the P6B, or ‘Three Thousand Five” as Rover called it. This was never fully resolved – the P5Bs badging remained “3.5 Litre”, and some people simply differentiated between P5B and P6B by calling them ‘the little one’ and ‘the big one’.

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