Re-Assembling the Rover P5B Intake Manifold

Re-Assembling the Rover P5B Intake Manifold. Once the intake manifold was painted and hardened, I set about refitting the manifold and fitting new hoses etc. I bought stainless steel Jubilee clips (original Jubilee brand, still Made In England!) and new hoses from JR Wadhams (from memory there are 13 in total).

Figuring out the multitude of heater hoses took a little time, but they all fit logically. I had previously soaked and unsealed the rear heater tap, so that was re-fitted as well. Carburettors were fitted and cables connected, including the new choke cable, and the kick-down mechanism refitted.

The moment of truth arrived, and refilling the radiator showed no leaks. There’s a specific sequence of refilling, with heater valves open/closed as the appropriate time as per the manual, and it seems as though I’ve avoided any air locks, and the temperature gauge works as it should.

A lot of work went into re-assembling the rover P5B intake manifold, but it’s fixed a lot of small issues that needed fixing.

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