Fitting a Radio to a Rover P5 or P5B

Fitting a Radio to a Rover P5 or P5B. I’ve spent some time trying to sort out the bodged mounting for the radio, which looked to be using a child’s Meccano kit to hold the radio. Not very Rover.

The Rover P5 and P5B has a single speaker in the centre of the dashboard, and a single speaker in the centre of the rear parcel shelf. The rear speaker has it’s own volume control between the front seats (on the same ‘pod’ as the rear heater fan control). Hi-tech for 1968.

My aim was to update things as far as possible without cutting holes anywhere, whilst keeping a period radio.

I set-to with some aluminium sheet to make a new mounting frame to fit behind the original grille, bought a new speaker to replace the torn original, and generally clean and tidy things up. Sound deadening was added to the aluminium to minimise resonance, and I’ve wired a line-in cable to the radio so I can connect an iPod or iPhone, which works OK, but as expected the sound quality is pretty poor due to the radio’s amp and the speaker positioning. I may update this in the future with a separate amp for the iPod/iPhone, switched off when the radio is switched on.

Due to the lack of easy power pick-up, I added a small distribution strip with constant +ve, switched +ve, and ground. I can use this for any future additions.

I’ve also fitted some USB sockets built into a box and covered in matching vinyl to look suitably 1960’s I hope. This is just screwed under the radio, so can be removed if necessary, but I find I need at least 3 USB sockets in a car (mine and my wife’s phones plus an iPod), so fitted 4.

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