Gliptone Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner

Gliptone Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner

I’ve used Gliptone on the seats in my P5B and was really happy with the results.



Use GT12 INTENSIVE CLEANER is a natural honey colour and contains glycerine which will soften the leather, use with a soft nail brush and gently stir it onto and around the surface and into any creases and cracks, leave for about a minute, gentle stir again DON’T SCRUB, and wipe off with a damp cloth, repeat if necessary, this will leave your leather clean and soft, ready to apply the conditioner which will keep it soft.

GT11 LEATHER CONDITIONER restores, softens and protects leather and reinstates the smell of the finest quality leather. Leather dries out with heat and sunlight and should be restored at least three times a year to re-establish the original nutrient content. GT11 Leather Conditioner is a thick, pH neutral, non-greasy cream which will soak into the leather leaving it soft and original without a sticky or shiny finish and reinstating the smell of good old-fashioned English leather. Before application the leather should be cleaned with GT12 Intensive Cleaner. GT11 Leather Conditioner should then be applied sparingly with a soft white cloth and rubbed well and evenly into the leather. No polishing off is required after application.

For very dry leather, apply two more coats within 48 hours. GT11 Leather Conditioner is ideal for car seats but can also be used on leather furniture, cases and clothing.


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