Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles about Rover and the events surrounding the company, during the period the P5 and P5B were in production. See how the newspapers reported Rover, B.M.C. and Leyland.

These articles are provided to add to the understanding of these cars. Copyright for the articles is obviously held by the respective parties. Given the passage of time since these were written and the fact they are approaching the end of copyright, under fair-use terms I hope nobody objects. If you do, please let me know.


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Rover P5 Launches: 22nd September 1958 Video: Rear Heater Removal Video: Rear Heater Removal

Time to remove the rear heater, which has never worked, and for some time I’ve wanted to replace the coolant pipes that run to it. The condition of this is… Video: Front Heater Removal Video: Front Heater Removal

Onto the front heater and its removal, getting ready to refurb the whole heater system. Video: Heater Strip-Down Video: Heater Strip-Down

Taking the heater apart, which is messy and slow! Video: Smiths Heater Fan Motor Strip-Down Video: Smiths Heater Fan Motor Strip-Down

Stripping the heater fan motor. This is from the rear heater, but this same basic motor was used on many British cars from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s (and… Video: Update and Smiths Heater Fan Motor Refurb Video: Update and Smiths Heater Fan Motor Refurb

Finally re-building the heater fan motor, which didn’t work previously. Looking much better now, fit for another 50 years. Video: Rear Shock Absorbers and the Cold Start Video: Rear Shock Absorbers and the Cold Start

A quick update on the heater situation, replacing the rear shock absorbers (well, one of them), a look at the fuel reserve tap, and work on the Cold Start (aka… Video: Heaters and Boot Trim Video: Heaters and Boot Trim

A general update on progress, a look at the heaters (including the great front-heater fiasco of 2021), and sorting the boot trim. Video: Front Heater. In Action! Video: Front Heater. In Action!

Detailed view of the P5 and P5B front heater, showing the airflow paths for the different control positions. The Smiths heater unit is very similar to that used in other…


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Rover P5B Production Ends: 22nd June 1973

Total Rover P5 Production: 48,248

Total Rover P5B Production: 20.600

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