Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre) Brochures and Magazines

Brochures, magazines, literature and adverts. These show what a buyer may have read as they considered the purchase of a new P5 or P5B, together with some of the alternatives they might consider in period road tests, as well as the literature that came with the cars when supplied new by Rover.

These scans are provided to add to the understanding of these cars. All of these documents I own and have scanned myself, but copyright is obviously held by the respective parties. Given the passage of time since these were created they are approaching the end of copyright, and under fair-use terms I hope nobody objects. If you do, please let me know.


On the timeline below, click any item to open it in a new page for reading.

Rover P5 Launches: 22nd September 1958

1971 – Year Preview

1971 – Year Preview

1971: Decimalisation 1971. The U.K. changed it’s currency, a process known as Decimalisation, on February 15th . The I.R.A. bomb The Post Office Tower (now called the B.T, Tower) in…

1972 – Year Preview

1972 – Year Preview

1972: Troubles, Strikes & Unemployment 1972. The U.S. brings to an end its most divisive and unsuccessful military campaign as the last US ground troops withdraw from Vietnam. It’s a…

1973 – Year Preview

1973 – Year Preview

1973: P5 & P5B: The End 1973. Inflation has a significant impact on peoples lives, with the UK inflation rate running at 9.2% and the US running at 6.2% .…

Rover P5B Production Ends: 22nd June 1973

Total Rover P5 Production: 48,248

Total Rover P5B Production: 20.600

Date Order

Items are presented in date order to show the progression from launch in 1958 through to the end of production in 1973. For brochures I’m using the publication year and month, not the model year they represent (before 1966, model years tended to run from October to September, and from 1966 from August to July, so a Brochure published in August 1967 is often referred to as a 1968 model year brochure).

All very confusing, so I’ve just used the publication dates so that brochures are in correct date order with magazine articles and other media.

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