Car For Sale: 506 YUU: Rover P5 Mk1A Automatic

Car For Sale: 506 YUU: Rover P5 Mk1A Automatic

The seller says this car has covered just 13,000 miles from new, has been dry-stored for the last 30 years and is almost completely original. If you’re looking for an early P5, then this looks to be well-worth investigating further.

The DVLA website for 506 YUU seems to confirm the mileage as 13,784 miles on 31 May 2018, and shows the MOT history back to 2012. Scroll down the listing to see an incredible amount of detail and history on the car – this can really add value to a car, and the effort the seller has put into providing this is always a good sign.

If all correct, the car would certainly qualify as one of the lowest mileage early P5’s I’ve seen. The photos in the listing also seem to show what the seller claims – it looks like a tidy and straight car that hasn’t been over-restored. Not perfect certainly, but what car is.

I’m sharing this purely for information – I don’t have any info on the car other than the listing, nor any connection with the car or seller, so please verify the details yourself and as always I recommend you inspect the car thoroughly and check the seller out as well.

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