Alexei Sayle: I Was a Mug for Buying a Classic Car

Alexei Sayle: I Was a Mug for Buying a Classic Car

Matt Johnson kindly sent me the link to this article which I hadn’t seen before. Can’t say I agree with Alexei Sayle, but he’s someone I admire and he is at least a well-known (ex) owner of a Rover P5 – apparently he owned a 1970 P5B Coupe in the ’80’s:

Alexei also mentions his car in his blog (

There’s a thread on the P5 Owners Club forum about celebrity owners as well (

I won’t list them all here, but the Queen had a P5B for some time, and obviously various Prime Ministers used them as official cars in the 60’s/70’s. In fact according to numerous sources the government bought the last batch of P5B’s in 1972. I imagine they knew they weren’t going to be replaced for some time until the SD1 launched in 1977, and they weren’t yet ready to make the switch to those caddish Jaguars.

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