1970: The Beatles

1970. The Beatles, the best selling music act of all time, release their last Album and Paul McCartney announces their break-up at the end of the year. Music continues to make a significant impact with the largest-ever rock festival taking place on the Isle of Wight, with 600,000 people attending, including some of the biggest names in music such as Jimi Hendrix and The Who. Roger Moore stars in The Man Who Haunted Himself, depicting London mid-way through the social revolution that began in the 1960’s (of course, we all know the real star of the film is his Rover P5B!).

Concord makes it’s first supersonic flight, achieving 700 mph. The Soviet Moon Rover becomes the first remote-controlled robot to travel on the moon’s surface. The first computer chess tournament takes place, and Edward Heath wins the British general election after a bitter battle with Harold Wilson.

British Prime Minister: Harold Wilson (up to 19 June)

British Prime Minister: Edward Heath (19 June onwards)

UK Annual Inflation Rate (RPI): 6.4%

UK Average House Price (UK average): £4,582 / £76,061 adjusted for inflation (2020)

UK Litre of Petrol: 7.3 New Pence / £1.21 adjusted for inflation (2020)