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RoverP5.com Review [Book]: Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Parts Catalogue Saloon and Coupe. You may have read our review of the Rover 3 & 3.5 Litre Workshop Manual Saloon and Coupe. The Parts Catalogue reviewed here is the perfect complement to that, fixing a number of issues along the way. Whilst not as vital as a good Workshop Manual, I have been really surprised just how useful this Parts Catalogue has been.

The Review

As with the Workshop Manual, the Parts Catalogue is a reprint of the factory catalogue. Where this Parts Catalogue wins is in the format, which is printed full-size A4 rather than the half-size of the Workshop Manual. This makes it easier to use, but it also means the detailed diagrams are as clear as possible. And the diagrams really are amazing – every nut, bolt and washer is shown in an exploded-diagram of every sub-assembly of the car. This has been essential as I’ve restored my car, as it’s quite easy to forget how something goes back together.

The other advantage over the Workshop Manual is that the Parts Catalogue is presented as a single book, with P5B drawings inserted next to the P5 drawings. This means there’s no need to flick between sections.

Additionally, the Parts Catalogue lists each numbered part, including fixings, along with their basic specification where relevant. So if you need to know what thread is on that bolt holding the front bumper over-rider on your P5B, it’s listed in the table (in case you’re interested, it’s ⅜” UNF x 2 ¼”). So ordering new fixings, or cleaning-up old fixings with a tap or die is easy.


The only alternative to buying a new copy is to get an original version, probably on eBay. If you choose this route, as with the Workshop Manual, you need to get the right version for your car, as updates were published when the MkII, Mk III and P5B were launched.

However, this reprint suffers none of the downsides of the Workshop Manual, so I believe there’s little point in buying a used version. The reprint is as good as the original.

Original Parts Catalogues for the Rover P5 (3 Litre) and P5B (3.5 Litre).


Surprisingly useful if you own a Rover P5 or P5B, and it addresses all of the limitations of the Workshop manual, so they go together very well.

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