My favourite car website writes about my second favourite car (which unfortunately never launched!). It’s always interesting to read opinions on the cars we love from writers who care about cars but aren’t inside the ‘bubble’ of a particular marque or model. This article provides some new information about the Rover P8, the car intended as the successor to the Rover P5B, and opinion on the P8 and how it might have fared in the market if it had been launched.

Personally I can see that the P8’s styling was somewhat challenging, and would not have aged well through the 1970’s. Yet I also think for the time it was certainly an impressive-looking thing, and was also impressive under the skin, with high-pressure hydraulics and self-levelling rear suspension. Rover in this period seemed to do what I would call ‘brooding’ styling very well, from the P8, Range Rover to the SD1. They all share a somewhat ‘heavy’ style, and at the same time look ‘right’, to me at least.

Read the article on DTW:

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