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For physical items, we will endeavour to despatch items by First Class post within 1 business day of receiving your order. Occasionally we may take a bit longer. If for any reason we’re away for more than 3 business days we’ll put a notification on the Shop page before orders are taken.

For downloads / subscriptions, as soon as your payment clears you’ll receive access to these items.

Returns: Physical Items

We’re happy to accept returns for physical items within 14 days of order date, as long as items reach us in the same unused condition that we sent them to you. Before returning items, please contact us to notify us, and we’ll reply quickly. Once we’ve replied, you can return the item.

If you do return items, it’s your responsibility to make sure items reach us in the same unused condition, and to pay postage and packing costs for returning items. On receipt of the items we will refund the original purchase price, excluding the original post and packing charge.

Returns: Downloads / Subscriptions

We don’t accept returns nor offer refunds for downloads or subscriptions. If you aren’t happy with something, please contact us and we’ll try to make things right.

Faults, Errors, Omissions

If you find a fault, error or omission in something you buy from us, whether a physical item, download or subscription, please contact us with as much information as possible. For physical items we may offer a full or partial refund or a replacement item if available. For downloads / subscriptions we will endeavour to correct the issue.

Amazon Affiliate Links

Some items (mainly, but not exclusively, books and DVD’s) are links to Amazon, which enable you to buy these items through Amazon. For these items, we have no control over delivery, returns, faults, errors or omissions – we are merely providing a link. Please make sure you are happy with the delivery and other terms for these items on the Amazon website.

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