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The online magazine of the Rover P5 and P5B. Here you’ll find all the Latest Updates, News, Articles, Reviews and Events. Use the links above to move between sections.

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How to Re-Wire Your Car (Replacing the Wiring Harness): Part 2

Hopefully you've read Part 1 of this article, and also seen the video I created talking about this. If not, I recommend grabbing a mug of tea and reading / watching those first - this will make a lot more sense. In part 1, I talked about labelling the new wiring... How to Re-Wire Your Car (Replacing the Wiring Harness)

 Via YouTube: Here's an update on how I re-wired my P5B Coupe. Feel free to Like, Comment or Subscribe. Thanks! 

How to Re-Wire Your Car (Replacing the Wiring Harness): Part 1

I’ve recently finished replacing the wiring harness on my P5B Coupe with a ‘New Old Stock’ harness, so it seems a good time to cover this in some detail in an article. I also plan to write a series of articles explaining how each of the main circuits of the Rover P5...

Introducing the 1968 Rover P5B Coupe

 Via YouTube: I plan on making more videos about these cars, and here's the first one. I want to do this as regularly as possible. These aren't meant to be detailed instructional videos, but are more about showing what can be done in a... Review: Rover V8 the story of the engine Review: Rover V8 the story of the engine. There aren’t many books dedicated to an engine, but James Taylor’s ‘Rover V8’ is one such example. That this book exists is proof of the importance and influence the Rover V8 engine exerted over more than  40... Review: Rover P5 and P5B The Complete Story Review: Rover P5 and P5B The Complete Story. Thinking of buying a Rover P5 or P5B? Own one but you don’t know the full history of these cars? Have an in interest in British cars? If so, then this definitive book by James Taylor should be on your bookshelf....

Rover P5B Fuel Filter Safety Comparison

Rover P5B Fuel Filter Safety. There was an interesting and valuable discussion on the Rover P5 Club Forum recently regarding fuel filters for the P5B, started by another Richard (not me). Richard was highlighting potential safety concerns with the design of some...

Rover P5B Coupe In The Nude [Part 5]: The Engine

Rover P5B Coupe In The Nude Part 5: The Engine Time to settle-down with a hot mug of tea and a biscuit, as we've got a lot to get through here! As I write it's 5 days to mid-winter, and it's dark and cold and raining outside. What better than to watch Cyrille...

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Driven To Write: Parliamentary Privilege

Today, Driven To Write has featured the Rover P5 and P5B. The article is to their normal high standard, avoiding many of the tired cliches that other motoring journalists fall-back on.There isn't a great deal of new information contained within, but it is a well...

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Rover The 3-Litre Saloon Brochure 1959

Rover Brochure Rover The 3-Litre Saloon, January 1959 1959 model year. 16 pages, landscape, full colour, stapled. Rover The 3-Litre Saloon. This is one of the most luxurious brochures Rover produced for the P5. The car had only been launched the previous year, so it...

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Leyland-Rover-Triumph: Winners and Losers

Leyland-Rover-Triumph: Winners and Losers. Did B.L. make a fundamental error in choosing Rover as their leading brand in the early 1980's, rather than choose Triumph? It's an interesting question to consider, and one that has been raised on Driven To Write a few...

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How The Torque Converter Works

How The Torque Converter Works. Here's a fabulously period video explaining in very simple terms how a torque converter (aka fluid coupling) replaces the clutch on an automatic (or semi-automatic) car such as the Rover P5 and P5B. See more videos in the Television...

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Paul Flanders Design and Illustration

Paul Flanders Design and Illustration. As fans of the Rover P5 you may be interested to look at Paul Flanders website ( I found this by accident whilst idly browsing the web for P5B images, and Paul kindly agreed to me using this image (which matches...

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Alexei Sayle-I Was a Mug for Buying a Classic Car

Alexei Sayle-I Was a Mug for Buying a Classic Car. Matt Johnson kindly sent me the link to this article which I hadn't seen before. Can't say I agree with Alexei Sayle, but he's someone I admire and he is at least a well-known (ex) owner of a Rover P5 - apparently he...

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The Man Who Haunted Himself

The Man Who Haunted Himself. Well, this was where my love for the Rover P5B started. I seem to remember watching this film with my parents at home in the 1970's (probably not on the films release - I'd have been 2). The combination of a staid but still somewhat...

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