Updates of work done on my car, grouped into projects for easy reference...
Rover P5B Coupe Projects. Here are the projects I’m working on and have completed on my Rover P5B Coupe. Individual updates also appear in the Blog, but here they are grouped by Project, so hopefully this may be a useful reference if you’re undertaking something similar with your car. As I don’t have a garage at home I work in a rented garage, which has no mains power, so work on my Rover P5B Coupe is somewhat constrained by that. Also I’m what I’d class as a novice at working on cars, so all of what you see is me learning as I go, and probably making numerous mistakes along the way. The Rover P5 and Rover P5B are relatively complex cars compared to other cars of their period – Rover were not a company to take the simple or pared-down route. However, compared to a modern car they can be understood with a bit of common-sense and reading-up.
  • Percentage Complete: 50%
  • Difficulty: 50%

Rear Leaf Spring Refurbishment

Rover P5 and P5B Rear Leaf Spring Pads

Rover P5 and P5B Rear Leaf Spring Pads. One of the things I find fascinating about these cars is the history you can uncover, a history that stretches back to when Britain had a vibrant British-owned motor industry. The strangest things can trigger the search for this...

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Refurbishing Rover P5 and P5B Rear Leaf Springs

Refurbishing Rover P5 and P5B Rear Leaf Springs. One of the things that needs fixing on my car is the rear leaf spring shackles. On a Rover P5 and P5B these are known as 'Contrasonic Shackles', as they use Metalastik 'Y'-shaped mountings that flex to allow the spring...

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  • Percentage Complete: 100%
  • Difficulty: 30%

Intake Manifold Refurbishment

  • Percentage Complete: 100%
  • Difficulty: 20%

Engine Tune-Up

Rover P5B Engine Tune-Up

Rover P5B Engine Tune-Up. When I bought the car earlier this year the engine ran OK-ish, but not exactly smoothly. Being new to the P5B, I wasn't sure how much of that was down to a 46 year old design, how much was due to wear-and-tear or faults, and how much was due...

  • Percentage Complete: 100%
  • Difficulty: 20%

Fitting Inertia Reel Seatbelts

  • Percentage Complete: 100%
  • Difficulty: 10%

Interior Renovation (general)

Fitting a Radio to a Rover P5 or P5B

Fitting a Radio to a Rover P5 or P5B. I've spent some time trying to sort out the bodged mounting for the radio, which looked to be using a child's Meccano kit to hold the radio. Not very Rover. The Rover P5 and P5B has a single speaker in the centre of the dashboard,...

Restoring the Rover P5B Interior

Restoring the Rover P5B Interior. Things have been pretty quiet on here recently, but there's been no lack of progress on the car. I haven't been using it much as there's a small fuel leak from the left carburettor which, given the cars history, I'm going to get...

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