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Rover P5 and P5B Brochures, literature, magazine articles and adverts...

Rover P5 and P5B Brochures and Magazines. Brochures and magazines, plus literature and adverts. These show what a buyer may have read as they considered the purchase of a new P5 or P5B, together with some of the alternatives they might consider in period road tests.

These scans are provided to add to the understanding of these cars, not for profit or as alternatives to collecting the actual items! All of these documents I own and have scanned myself, but copyright is obviously held by the respective parties. Given the passage of time since these were created they’re approaching the end of copyright, and under fair-use terms I hope nobody objects. If you do, please let me know.


On the timeline, click the thumbnail image of the year, brochure or magazine to open the full article or full scan of the brochure or magazine (magazines show only the pages related to the Rover P5 and P5B).

September 1958: Rover 3 Litre (P5) Launch
  • 01 Jan 1958

  • 01 Jan 1959

  • 01 Oct 1959

    Rover Brochure 1959

    Rover Brochure 1959. The illustrations Rover produced were very high quality with plenty of white space creating a very clean and classy style...

  • 01 Jan 1960

  • 01 Jan 1961

  • 01 Jan 1962

  • 01 Jan 1963

  • 09 Oct 1963

    Rover 2000 (P6) Launch

    For Rover the launching of the new car represents the biggest revolution in plant and production methods in their history. The development programme has occupied five years, during which £10,600,000 has been invested in the new car, a new factory built at Solihull, Warwickshire, and a 456,000 sq. ft. depot for spare parts at Pengam, Glamorgan. Potential capacity of the factory is 550 cars a week-or one car in just over four minutes. The plant has been in limited operation for 12 months, and secret new models have been out on test all over Britain and the Continent. They have been spotted and photographed by rival manufacturers, and discussed in foreign technical journals. But with covered nameplates and unpainted bodies, the prototypes have often been taken for some Continental model, usually of Italian origin. Unhappily the man who had the greatest influence in the development and general appearance of the Rover 2000, Mr Maurice Wilks, the company’s late chairman, did not live to see the car launched today. His son, Mr Peter Wilks, was responsible for the overall coordination of the project, and the chief stylist was Mr David Bache. Introducing the Rover 2000 yesterday, Mr William Martin-Hurst ,managing director, said : “Into this car we have put all our engineering know-how and skills. We have built 15 prototypes , which have been driven in the aggregate more than 445,000 miles in this country and abroad. Pre-production cars have been driven over 200,000 miles and 268,000 miles have been covered at high speed on motorways.”

  • 01 Jan 1964

  • 01 Jan 1965

  • 01 Jan 1966

  • 01 Jan 1967

  • 01 Aug 1967

    Rover Brochure 1967

    Rover are leading their passenger car brochure with the P5B. That makes sense as the car had only just been launched (in P5B form) at the British International Motor Show, Earls Court, London, from 18th to 28th October.

  • 29 Sep 1967

    Autosport Magazine, 29 September 1967

    Autosport magazine road test the new P5B in September 1967, just as the car launches. As was typical of the age, the road test in almost entirely positive.

  • 01 Oct 1967

    Review Magazine, October 1967

    Autosport magazine road test the new P5B in September 1967, just as the car launches. As was typical of the age, the road test in almost entirely positive.

  • 18 Oct 1967

    Rover 3.5 Litre (P5B) Launch

  • 18 Oct 1967

    Motor Show 1967 Official Catalogue

    The official catalogue of the 1967 Earls Court Motor Show, where the P5B was launched. Strangely Rover chose to advertise the 2000 model in the catalogue, although the P5B was shown on the stand.

  • 01 Jan 1968

  • 01 Aug 1968

    Rover 3½ Litre Brochure 1968

    A beautiful brochure for the P5B that features some wonderful photos, many of which were used in subsequent years right through to 1973.

  • 01 Jan 1969

  • 01 Aug 1969

    Rover Brochure 1969

    The Rover brochure from late 1969. Rover were frugal in reusing images - most of the images here were from the cars launch in 1967.

  • 01 Jan 1970

  • 17 Jun 1970

    Range Rover Launch

  • 01 Jan 1971

  • 01 Jan 1972

  • 01 Jan 1973

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Date Order

Items are presented in date order to show the progression from launch in 1958 through to the end of production in 1973. The years of brochures reflect the publication year, not the model year. Before 1966 model years tended to run from October to September, and from 1966 from August to July, so a Brochure published in August 1967 is often referred to as a 1968 model year brochure. All very confusing, so I’ve used the publication dates so that brochures are in correct date order with magazine articles and other media.


Advertisements from various UK magazines through the life of the P5 and P5B.

Brochure Images

Images from Rover brochures, bought together here.

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