BGU 122G

Blogging about my 1968 Rover 3.5 Litre Coupe...

BGU 122G, my 1968 Rover P5B Coupe. I bought this car 4-years ago, having always loved the shape of the Rover P5 and P5B, especially the Coupe. The car was a long-way from perfect, having had very little use for the last 20 years apart from trips to the MOT station. The car has averaged only 90 miles per year over that period!

Whilst most things worked and the car was usable and roadworthy (just), every system was corroded, seized, poorly maintained or else just untouched over this period. There is also some rust, but nothing that can’t be fixed. So I drove the car for a year, then took it off the road to renovate / re-condition it properly. Restoration would be an overstatement – I want the car to be reliable, original and presentable, but not too perfect that I worry about driving it. So thats the journey I’m on, and will be for as long as I keep the car (which is probably a long time – I’ve owned an Alfa 105 coupe for 15 years, so you can see I don’t like selling cars).

I don’t currently have a garage at home, so I keep the car and work on it in a rented garage which has no electricity. Things are somewhat constrained by that, but hopefully I can show whats possible by an ‘enthusiastic amateur’. You’ll see me learning as I go, making numerous mistakes along the way.

The Rover P5 and Rover P5B are simple by modern standards but relatively complex compared to other cars of the period. But they are also effectively hand-built, so many parts can be disassembled, remade or reconditioned. Let’s get going…

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